Most of the community share stuff via our discord server:

Discord is a pc/mac/ios/android compatible application which allows to join/create some community servers with members roles, categories, vocal and text channels management features.

Why do we use Discord as main place for the Smart DSP Community ? 

- Discord is well optimised in terms of performances and UI, it allows to easely keep track of the conversations on different topics while keeping a low profile in terms of performance (on computer as well as on a smartphone).
- Filtering the newcomers to stay away from some of the "Toxic people / Spammers / Flooders / Trolls... spreading on most of the social networks nowdays.
It is kind of our chill space, where the focus is still toward quality audio, respect and sharing stuff.

Join us now, come and meet other audio artists & techs to share & learn always more ! 


Notre communeautée et le serveur discord sont exclusivement en Anglais.
Server Link :